1. Appreciations

  2. Reactions


Appreciations are predefined, animated replies that you can leave at the end of a claap video. Use appreciations to check out the video and congratulate, validate or thank the author. Asynchronous communication doesn’t prevent kindness and clarity!

To leave an appreciation:

  1. Navigate to the end of the video.

  2. Click on one of the available appreciations.

  3. The appreciation is added as a new thread in the comment bar.

Changed your mind? Not a problem. Appreciations can be deleted just like any other comment.


Reactions allow users to quickly react to a video without pausing it or typing anything. Use the clap hands button when you like what you see!

To leave an appreciation:

  • Click on the Clap hands button in the player controls below the video.

  • This adds a clapping hands reaction with animation and the avatar of the user in the timeline.

  • To delete a reaction, hover over a reaction that you previously added and click on the cross.

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