1. Topics overview

  2. Sharing a topic

    1. Adding users via email

    2. Sharing claaps and topics via a public link

  3. Creating and deleting topics

  4. Re-organize topics

  5. Tips and best practices

Topics let you organize the claaps that belong to a team to make them easier to find and share. Topics are perfect to track decisions and discussions.

💡 Topics can only be viewed and used by workspace members.

Topics overview

Topics bring order and clarity to work — you can create them for any project, vertical, or sub-team. With the right people and information in one place, teams can share ideas, make decisions, and move work forward.

All the topics to which you are invited are listed in the lateral bar. Next to the name of the topic you see its icon. Click a topic name to see its details: description, invited users, and related claaps.

Sharing a topic

When you invite users to your team, they immediately get access to all workspace-shared topics.

Workspace members with access to a topic can also share it directly with other users. They can invite collaborators via email or with a public link.

Adding users via email

You can invite collaborators to topics via email. To invite via email on any topic:

  1. Click on the Share button at the top right of the topic screen.

  2. Enter the email address of the user and click Invite.

  3. The invited user will receive an email with a link to the topic.

  4. If they don't already use Claap, they can sign up to access your page.

💡 When you invite users to a claap or topic, they only get access to the given claap or topic. Read Access rights.

Sharing claaps and topics via a public link

Once you make a topic accessible for visitors, anyone with the link can immediately access it. To invite visitors to a topic:

  1. Click on the Share button at the top right of the topic screen.

  2. Turn the link to Public link. Anyone with the link can now access your topic.

💡 Topics can be shared with all the workspace members or made private.

Read more.

Creating and deleting topics

To learn more about how to manage a topic, read the following articles:

  • Create a topic

  • Star a topic

  • Delete a topic

Re-organize topics

You can re-organize topics within the same team or move them between teams. Just drag

Tips and best practices

  • Use workspace topics to increase transparency within your organization and easily share information across your workspace.

  • Make sure to add precise names to your topics to ease cross-team collaboration and project management.

  • Fill topic icons to bring visual elements to your workspace organization and help people navigate across content seamlessly.

  • Add a description and thumbnail to the topic to provide information about a topic’s intended use.

  • Use labels to organize and track claaps across topics.

💡 Any member of a workspace can edit the topic details (name, icon or description).

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