1. Public topics

    1. Share topics with workspace members

    2. Share topics with specific people

  2. Private topics

Public topics

Share topics with workspace members

A public topic is shared with all members of your workspace. By default, all newly added topics are in public mode.

To make a topic public to your entire workspace:

  1. Go to the Share popin

  2. Turn on Full access for Everyone at [workspace] with the dropdown.

Share topics with specific people

The second option consists in sharing the topic with specific people, with email invites.

💡 A private topic made public will still be accessible for any visitor with the link.

To invite a member or a guest to a topic with email invite:

  1. Click on the Share button at the top right of the topic or claap screen.

  2. Type or copy-paste user email in the Invite teammates field and click on the Invite button.

Private topics

Only you and topic members will be able to access private topics. To make a topic private, simply go to the Share settings for that topic and select No access.

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