1. Add a new team

  2. Rename a team

  3. Delete a team

  4. Reorder your teams on the sidebar

  5. Change a team's color

Teams allow you to add a new layer of organization to your claaps. Meet the needs of various departments and teams, with specific topics and set of permissions.

A common use for teams is to separate departments and teams. You can create a team for Product, another one for Marketing, and one for Customer Success. For each team, define the topics to create. For example, inside the Product team, you might have User Research, Design Reviews, and Product Demos.

Once topics are created, you can order topics with drag and drops within and across teams.

Add a new team

To add a new team, scroll down on your workspace sidebar and click on +Add team. Give it a name and that’s it!

Rename a team

To rename a team, click on the menu next to its name […], click on Rename team and give it a new name.

Delete a team

To delete a team, click on the menu next to its name […] and click on Delete team. In the new popup, we ask you to confirm the action.

Reorder your teams on the sidebar

You can change the order your teams appear on the sidebar. Simply click over a team's name and drag and drop as needed. The order is personal, so you won't impact the order for other members in your workplace.

Change a team's color

There are two ways to change the color of your team: clicking on its color or on the three dots next to its name will open the color palette.

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