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Changing Phone Number or email on School Profile
Changing Phone Number or email on School Profile

How do I change the phone number for a school?

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If you use a 'school' mobile phone and you need to use this number on another staff member's profile please do the following:

  • Click the 'My Profile' tab

  • Here you can update your school profile details by clicking on 'Edit school profile'

  • Click on 'edit school profile'

  • In the pop up, you can change the 'school email' and 'Relief Teacher Administrator contact number.

  • Click 'Save School Profile'.

These steps need to be undertaken as a mobile number can only be used in order make sms booking request via app.

You may need to do this if you see the error 'Invalid School User Mobile Number'. Your account needs a mobile phone number to receive text updates. 

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