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The Smith Family HomeTeacher - Meeting Platform (Whereby)
The Smith Family HomeTeacher - Meeting Platform (Whereby)
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For the tutoring sessions, we will be using the Whereby platform. It is an incredibly easy video conferencing tool to use.

Please watch this video for a walkthrough of how to use Whereby

You will be provided with a simple unique link to access the platform. This link will not change and will be your virtual ‘classroom’ for the whole project. All teachers must use the Whereby platform to host their sessions. You will be provided with a training session on how to use this platform.

The links will be provided to teachers closer to the first session start date. Only one link is needed for all sessions.

Using the unique link, you will be able to directly login into the session as will the students who will be sitting in a waiting room until you ‘unlock’ the room.

For the guide on how to manage your classroom please check this article.

For Whereby FAQs and troubleshooting guides please click here.

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