Step 1: Visit the Class Hero Homepage

Go to and click the 'Get Started' button in the top right corner.

Step 2: Select Free Teacher Account

Unless you are looking to demo ClassHero in your district (enabling all of the tools and benefits of ClassHero | Read Licensing ClassHero), select 'Free Teacher Signup.'

Step 3: Choose Your Account Creation Method

There are two ways to create a ClassHero account. You can enter in your information manually OR expedite the process use your Clever Login.

Clever or Classlink Account: Logging in through Clever or Classlink will automatically upload your class and get you started.

Google Classroom or email Account: If you DO NOT have a Clever/Classlink login, use Google Classroom or fill in the information as prompted and click 'create free account.'

Step 3: Fill Out Additional Information 


School Information

Enter the name of your school, the grade you teach, and a name for your class.

Student Information

Enter in the names of your students they are not automatically rostered.

Step 4: Assign your first topic and get started!

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