Step 1

Assigning Assignments

The first thing to do when using ClassHero is align what you are teaching with the lessons that will be assigned to your class. During the sign up process, ClassHero will ask you for the curriculum your school uses for math. If we do not have your schools curriculum in our system, select the 'ClassHero Curriculum.'

Once you have a curriculum selected, all you have to do is select the module, topic, and how long you want your students to practice these skills. Then ClassHero will automatically assign appropriate problem sets with the dependent and advanced skills for the amount of time allocated.

Changing Skill Sets

After the time you have selected to have students practice has expired ClassHero will unassign the homework, removing it from student visibility. You’ll also be prompted to assign the next topic in your chosen curriculum with one click. The “until date” is always changeable as you discover the cadence your classroom requires on any given topic.

You can always unassign topics by click on the skill explorer on your home screen and clicking 'unassign topic.'

Learn more about the Assigning/ Unassigning Topics

Step 2

Logging Students in for Practice

If you signed up with ClassHero using Clever or Class Link, simply have students click on the ClassHero app icon in their Clever or ClassLink library to launch the Student App. If you did not sign up with Clever or Class Link, have your students visit From there, students will enter your six digit class pin and (depending on your login preferences) their 4 digit student pin. Once logged in your students will be able to select any of the practice skill sets you have assigned to them.

Step 3

Let the personalization engine work its magic

As students practice, ClassHero's adaptive engine will assign easier or more challenging skills based on individual performance. It will notify you when changes are made to student's learning plans in your action items.

Step 4

Track progress from your home screen and award Hero Badges!

Once you have these first 3 steps complete managing your ClassHero account is a piece of cake. Simply keep your assignments up to date with what you are teaching and we will keep you notified of important actions right from your home screen.

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