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ClassHero Fall 2021 Updates
ClassHero Fall 2021 Updates

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Weekly Activity

The weekly activity section tracks student progress on a day-to-day basis. Everyday ClassHero generates a practice summary that displays:

  1. Completed Practice- Students completed a full 10 minutes of practice at various levels of accuracy.

  2. Incomplete Practice- Students did not complete a full 10 minutes of practice.

  3. Did Not Practice- These students did not engage in any practice this day.

Both Completed and Incomplete Practice will show both time and accuracy.

This section also displays the total amount of Class Points you have earned throughout the week.

Action Items

Action items were formally found in the adjust & monitor tab as 'adjustment cards.' Now they are displayed right in your home screen! Simply click and resolve cards as they appear.

List of Action Items:

Intervention Needed

  • Student appears to be answering randomly

  • Student is struggling with the noted skill and teacher intervention may be needed

Proficiency Reached

  • Student has achieved proficiency in the noted skill. Please take a moment to review their assignments see if any need to be unassigned.

Fluency Reached

  • Student has achieved fluency in the noted skill and was assigned the more advanced skill in the related skill family.

Practice Alignment

  • Reduce Assignments

  • Remove Old Assignments

Assignment Manager

The assignment manager is an easy way to see what assignments you have assigned to your class. It will show your old assignments (assignments active for more than 2 weeks), class assignments (assignments active for your whole class), and personalized assignments (assignments active for one or a few students).


You can click on any assignment from this screen to unassign or adjust which students are practicing.

Monthly Summary

The monthly summary sections breaks down a full months worth of practice from your class. It displays practice sections per week, percentage of students meeting practice goals, and students who have achieved proficiency.

It also shows the total amount of Class Points you have earned throughout the month.


Utilizing our new Class Point system, your HeroBoard is a way to challenge your peers based on your classes success. Your HeroBoard will display all the teachers using ClassHero in your school along with their Class Point totals. You can challenge another teacher by clicking on their name and clicking 'Challenge this Class.'

Challenges & Invitations

At the very bottom of your home screen you fill find a section to challenge your peers or invite those who are not using ClassHero. *Note: you can only invite teachers who are not using ClassHero if your school has a district license.*

When you challenge another class, they will receive a notification and be given the option to accept or deny. If the challenge is denied, you will receive a notification. If the challenge is accepted, both classes will work to earn the most points in one month of practice. The winner of the challenge will receive extra class points.

Learn more about Class Points.

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