What are Class Points?

Class Points are a currency that students and teachers earn together to compete against other classes in their school. Your class points will be displayed publicly on the HeroBoard amongst other classes in your school. Student and teacher earned class points are not separate, all points will combined as they are earned.

How Do I Earn Class Points?

Here are the ways to earn class points:

Teacher earned-

  • When an inactive teacher accepts a challenge

  • Engage an inactive teacher in a challenge

  • Engage in a challenge

  • No old assignments

  • Keep class assignments managed

Student earned-

  • Reached fluency

  • Reached proficiency

  • Met practice goals

  • Weekly practice frequency

*Note: If you ever forget how to earn class points, click the class points icon in the top right, and navigate to the 'how to earn' tab.*

How Do I Challenge/ Invite Teachers?

Challenging Teachers

Challenging another class grants additional points to both teachers who accept, as well as bonus points to the winner.

You can challenge another class by:

  1. Navigating to the HeroBoard section of your home screen

  2. Clicking on the class you want to challenge

  3. Click the 'Challenge This Class!' button

Both a email and in app notification will be sent to the other teacher.

Inviting Teachers

If your school owns a district license to ClassHero, you can earn additional Class Points by inviting teachers who are not using ClassHero.

You can invite a teacher by:

  1. Navigating to bottom of your home screen

  2. Select a teacher who isn't using ClassHero

  3. Click the 'Challenge This Class!' button

What Can I Buy with Class Points?

As of now, you cannot purchase anything with your class points. However, we plan on implementing new features that can be purchased with class points. These features will be unlockables like editable avatars and student backgrounds.

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