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Class Points

What are class points? How do you earn them? What are they for?

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What are Class Points?

Class Points are a fake currency a class earns through practice, and they are tracked so classes can compete against other classes in their school.

All points earned by students and teachers are combined as they are earned.

Class points are only visible to teachers; we leave it to teachers to make their class aware of class points if they would like to. For example, during a monthly challenge against another class, a teacher may want to update students daily or weekly on their class point total compared to the class against which they are competing.

How Do I Earn Class Points?

Student earned: Students earn the vast majority of points for a class.

  • Daily practice

  • Reaching fluency or proficiency on a skill

Teacher earned-

  • When an inactive teacher accepts a challenge

  • Engage an inactive teacher in a challenge

  • Engage in a challenge

  • No old assignments

  • Keep class assignments managed

*Note: If you ever forget how to earn class points, click the class points icon in the top right, and navigate to the 'how to earn' tab.*

How Do I Challenge/ Invite Teachers?

Challenging Teachers

Challenging another class grants additional points to both teachers who accept, as well as bonus points to the winner.

NOTE: A small class will earn more points per student than a large class for the same amount of practice. If 10 students in a 10 student class practice, they will earn about twice as many points as if 10 students in a 20 student class practice. This enables smaller classes to compete against larger practices on something closer to equal footing!

You can challenge another class by:

  1. Navigating to the HeroBoard section of your home screen

  2. Clicking on the class you want to challenge

  3. Click the 'Challenge This Class!' button

Both a email and in app notification will be sent to the other teacher.

Inviting Teachers

If your school owns a district license to ClassHero, you can earn additional Class Points by inviting teachers who are not using ClassHero.

You can invite a teacher by:

  1. Navigating to bottom of your home screen

  2. Select a teacher who isn't using ClassHero

  3. Click the 'Challenge This Class!' button

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