HeroBoard: Challenges & Invitations

Compete against other classes at your school and move up your Heroboard.

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Heroboard Overview

Utilizing our new Class Point system, your HeroBoard is a way to challenge your peers based on your classes success. Your HeroBoard will display all the teachers using ClassHero in your school along with their class point totals. You can challenge another teacher by clicking on their name and clicking 'Challenge this Class.'

Challenges & Invitations

In the bottom middle column of your home screen you fill find a section to challenge your peers or invite those who are not using ClassHero.

*Note: you can only invite teachers who are not using ClassHero if your school has a district license.*

When you challenge another class, they will receive a notification and be given the option to accept or deny. If the challenge is denied, you will receive a notification in your Action Items. If the challenge is accepted, both classes will work to earn the most points in one month of practice. The winner of the challenge will receive extra class points.

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