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Enhance your delivery operations with CleanCloud's Driver App – the key to efficiency and real-time order management for your drivers.

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Driver App Overview

CleanCloud provides the CleanCloud Driver App for iOS and Android to optimize your pickup and delivery services.

Upon logging in, drivers can access their daily routes, view order details, accept, and complete orders. The app integrates with navigation tools and allows one-click launches to Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze. Drivers can also collect customer signatures and process payments.

πŸ”“ Unlock additional benefits: Choose Route Pro for a more efficient and tailored delivery experience.

Key Features

  • Route Optimization: Drivers can optimize routes for efficiency, ensuring quick succession pickups or deliveries are streamlined. The app offers a route optimization tool to reorder selected orders. Learn more about Route Optimization via the POS.

  • Rescheduling: In cases of customer unavailability, drivers can reschedule pickups or deliveries, triggering customer notifications for rescheduling through the app or booking tool.

  • Route Adjustment: Drivers can change routes, select multiple routes simultaneously, and view all orders in the feed.

  • Order Creation: Drivers can create new orders by entering customer details, specifying pickup or delivery, and setting relevant dates and times.

  • Personal Statistics: Access personal statistics through the app, providing insights into performance.

  • Show Customer Name in Main Feed: Toggle this option to display customer names in the main feed, enhancing order visibility. Activate this feature in Settings > Admin > Pickup and Delivery > Driver App > 'Show Customer Name in Main Feed'.

Route Pro

Available to all Grow and Grow+ customers, Route Pro brings a range of advantages to both the Driver App and POS.

Optimize pick-up and delivery by selecting Google Maps (up to 25 waypoints) or CleanCloud Route Pro (up to 150 waypoints), and specify vehicle engine types for deliveries. Additionally, enjoy automated Driver ETA notifications to customers through 'Driver On Their Way Notifications' via email, SMS, and push notifications.

Push Notifications

The app now supports push notifications. Enable them in Settings > Admin > Pickup and Delivery > Notifications > 'Send Push Notifications to Driver App for New Orders'. In the dropdown menu, you can choose to not send notifications, send them, or send only if the driver has clocked in for the day.

πŸ—’οΈ Pro Tip: Please ensure that the driver's device is configured to allow all notifications from the CleanCloud Driver App.

Drivers receive immediate push notifications for same-day pickup orders, helping to boost efficiency and make the day-to-day pickup trips much smoother!

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