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Custom Branded App - Your own iOS/Android App
Custom Branded App - Your own iOS/Android App
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Transform your online presence and capture more customers with your own customized app on Google and iOS stores.

CleanCloud can develop this for you, and you'll be rewarded with amazing perks such as:

  • Increased brand awareness and exposure;

  • Standing out from the crowd and keeping customers away from your competitors;

  • A quicker and easier user experience designed to keep customers coming back.

The app we create for you will have the same features as the CleanCloud app, but it will only serve your store(s), use your branding, and it will have its own listings in the app stores. This makes it much easier for your customers to find your store as they can simply search for your store name in the app store, rather than having to search for CleanCloud and then selecting your store.

Sign up to our Grow+ plan today and you'll get:

  • iOS and Android Mobile Apps published on both app stores.

  • Fully integrated with your CleanCloud POS.

  • Customized app interface with your store branding.

  • Grow subscription.

  • App maintenance.

Contact Support today to get more information, an overview of pricing and kickstart your online presence!

Developing your app usually takes us 6-8 weeks from when you have completed the following steps:

  1. Provided us with permission to charge your card the developer fee to develop your app (only for one time fee). This fee covers the development time to create both your iOS and Android apps.

  2. Provided us with high-resolution images of your logo and your app icon along with any background images. These need to be at least 1024px wide by 1024px high.

  3. Provided us with the text that you want to appear on your app store listing. This is the promotional text that the customer sees in the app store when they go to download your app. We will send you a list of all required fields.

  4. For your iOS app you will need to create an Apple developer account at and you will need to pay and enroll for iOS development. This usually costs $99/year. You will need to register a Business account with Apple and not an individual account. Once your account is ready and you are enrolled you will have to share your credentials with us so we can distribute on your behalf.

  5. Provided us with your website URL and the URL of your privacy page. Having a privacy page is required by Apple and Google Play.

Note: We do not add any additional or bespoke features to your app. We are also unable to offer a refund once development has begun since you are being charged for the developer's time.

Please note that the release of your app may be delayed if Apple or Google reject your app submission in accordance with any changes in their App store review policy. This can, unfortunately, happen from time to time and we will try to meet any new requirements and get your app past approval.

Also note that CleanCloud is not able to fix your app for free if a part of your app stops functioning which was out of CleanCloud's control. For example an OS update on iOS/Android that causes a function to stop working, or if an integration (e.g. payment integration) stops working due to changes on the integration side. This will require a maintenance fee to be charged so that we can fix the issue and resubmit your apps to the app stores. CleanCloud does its best to keep this fee low, especially if the fix was already found and implemented on CleanCloud's core app.

Further, if you wish to make a small change to your app that requires the app to be resubmitted to the app stores (for example a change in branding), then a minimum resubmission fee of $750 will be charged to cover the development time to change and resubmit to app stores. However, most aspects of the app can be changed from your App settings page in CleanCloud and do not require your app to be resubmitted.

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