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Promote your pickup and delivery business, and consider providing a reward to customers who refer others to your business. See how it works!

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Using Referral Codes to Promote Your Pickup and Delivery Business

Referral codes are a great way to promote your pickup and delivery business as they incentivise your customers to recommend your service to their friends and family.

Steps to Activate Referral Codes

In order to activate referral codes, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Admin > Discounts & Promos > Invite / Referral Codes.

  2. You have two choices when it comes to referral codes. You can offer a one-time discount or credit to the customer and their referral, or you can set up a system to give your customers a percentage of the sales they generate with their referral codes.

  3. Choose the amount of credit to give to your existing customer, as well as the amount you want to offer to the new customer.

  4. Press “Submit” to save the changes.

View Referral Activity

By clicking the “View Referral Activity” button, you can view any referral codes and invitations used by your online customers. This will help you keep track of your customer's activity.

Sharing Referral Codes

Once you have enabled the referral code in your settings, your customers will be able to see an “Invite” tab and a carousel banner titled “Get Free Credits!” in the web booking tool and in the customer app. Accessing the Invite page will give them a summarized view of the benefits they - and their referrals - will get out of using the referral code details.

Additionally, they can press the “Invite Friends” button to send out the referral code to their social media contacts.

Applying the Referral Code Online

The referee should add the referral code they were given to the “Invite/Promo Code” field during the signup process to your store to qualify for this benefit.

Applying the Referral Code in the POS

When setting up a new customer account in the POS, you also have the option to include a referral code. On the customer page, there is a field labelled “Referral Code” which you can fill in with the cus. Once you click “Submit”, the code will be assigned to the customer.

👉 Keep in mind, the Referral Code has likely been given to the new customer through an existing customer's invitation to your business using the Invite Friends feature.

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