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LightBox Property Data Overview
LightBox Property Data Overview
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Creating your own proprietary database of properties is one of the most valuable investments you can make as a broker - and ClientLook makes this easy. However, managing all this data can require lots of manual effort and continuous research.

Now you can leverage the LightBox property data service to transform the way you capture a market. And, with nationwide coverage you'll be able to expand your reach to just about anywhere.

How does it work? You'll use the integrated LightBox property data service to instantly import properties and get ongoing research updates inside ClientLook. You can also connect existing properties in ClientLook to LightBox as well.

Benefits of adding a LightBox property

The LightBox property data service has several important advantages including:

  • Ability to access over 155 million properties nationwide

  • One-click creation of a property including valuable assessment data

  • Delivery of ongoing updates to property ownership, sales and more inside ClientLook

Real-time property updates from LightBox

When you add a property from LightBox, that property stays connected to the LightBox data service to enable ongoing updates. Every time you open a connected property, ClientLook will automatically refresh critical property data so you always have the latest market intelligence. This includes changes to:

  • Recorded owner

  • Last Sale details

  • Financial history including sales and transfers, financing and tax assessment details

  • Demographics data and radius map

  • Interactive Google Street View

  • Satellite image denoting the parcel boundary

These updates seamlessly integrate with all the proprietary data you contribute to a property. Rest assured, any data you enter into ClientLook remains available only to you.

Summary of LightBox property data service integration points

The LightBox property data service provides the following points of integration within the detail page of a connected property:

Overview tab

The Overview tab appears by default when a property loads. LightBox provides the following content here:

  • Static property data fields including site address, improvements, attributes and parcel data are downloaded when the property is imported from or connected to LightBox. All of this is editable by you.

  • Interactive Google Street View that scales to full screen.

  • Embedded satellite image displaying the parcel boundary capable of zoom.

  • Display of the current Recorded Owner that updates in real-time.

  • Display of the Last Sale details that updates in real-time.

Related | Financial tab

The Related | Financial tab of the property contains a variety of tables including the following. All data updates in real-time:

  • Sales and Transfers including sale price, date, buyer and seller.

  • Financing for associated loans including date, loan amount, LTV, transaction type, and lender details.

  • Tax Assessment details for a tax history.

Related | Demographics tab

The Related | Demographics tab of the property contains updated demographic details (and a map) for 1, 3 and 5 mile radii surrounding the property including:

  • General household and income characteristics

  • Local economy and employment

  • General population details

Related | Images tab

The Related | Images tab of the property has always been a place for you to upload any images. It now also displays any images sourced from LightBox including:

  • Interactive Google Street View that scales to full screen.

  • Embedded satellite image displaying the parcel boundary capable of zoom.

  • Demographic radius map.

Watch this video overview of the LightBox property data service in ClientLook:

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