The capacity usage view allows sites to view utilized/un-utilized capacity on a given day, week, month in a service area. Visualize what capacity has been allocated in the service area to show what's been filled, what's open, and what's overfilled. 

Capacity usage view

To view capacity usage,

  • Click services, and select the service area you'd like to view

  • Next, click the dropdown arrow next to the capacity usage heading

  • Then, filter by any criteria you choose by selecting from the dropdown boxes or filtering by keyword

Here's a sample view:

  • To view the details, click on a date from the calendar

  • From here, you can and take action on the details:

1. View the total allotted capacity
2. View student rotations that are in each status
3. Take action on the student rotations (ie, add to waitlist/close/accept rotations)

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