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Clinical Site: Specify Student, Faculty Member, and Preceptor Schedules

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When adding a detailed schedule for a rotation, you can click and drag on the calendar to select multiple days, as well as specify which students, faculty members, and preceptors are scheduled for any given day.

To assign a detailed schedule when adding a rotation, select the date range, then click individually or click and drag across a range of days to select the schedule:

Once selected, assign or un-assign the participants that should be scheduled to the days you've highlighted:

Once you've applied the selection, the calendar will update to show what's been assigned:

Click and drag on any additional selections needed, or click on already selected days in order to de-select them. Then save changes!

Note: Detailed scheduling can also be added after a rotation has been scheduled, by clicking into a students rotation from the Rotations page to assign and propose changes.

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