Detailed Shift Scheduling

Clinical Sites: Detailed Shifts can be Configured on Opportunity Windows

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After reading this article you will be able to...

  • Configure Detailed Shifts

  • Schedule Detailed Shifts

Configure Detailed Shifts

  • When adding an opportunity, you can set up the shifts needed by clicking Add Shift, or modify an existing shift by clicking on the shift row:

  • The configurations modal will then display and allow you to modify the name, color coding, number of slots, start and end time, location, and schedule:
    โ€‹Note: All fields except the name field are optional.

  • If you choose not to add a specific schedule, the schedule will default to include all days within the start and end date of the opportunity. To add a different schedule, click Add schedule:

The schedule will default to weekdays, but can be adjusted to include only certain days of the week, month, or year on a repeating schedule.

  • Once you've modified shifts, the changes will be reflected on the opportunity page calendar:

Schedule Detailed Shifts

If you allow for detailed schedules to be requested by school coordinators or students, they'll have the ability to request specific shifts when scheduling or requesting a rotation. Otherwise, you'll be able to assign a specific schedule once a rotation has been scheduled or requested:

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