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Clinical Site: Configure Hour Logging
Clinical Site: Configure Hour Logging

How to Enable Hour Logging for Students

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After reading this article you will be able to...

  • Enable Hour Logging

  • Set Required Hours

  • Verify Hours

Enable Hours Logging

In order to turn on hour logging for your students...

  • Click Settings in the left navigation menu

  • Click Advanced Settings in the submenu

  • Adjust hour logging settings under Rotations

Note: Both clinical sites and schools can turn on hour logging

When turned on, there will also be the option to include hours verification by a supervisor. If turned off, all logged hours will automatically show as verified. After selecting your verification preference, you may also choose which disciplines hour logging should be turned on for. Please make sure to click Save at the bottom when you are done configuring.

Set Required Hours

To optionally set required hours...

  • Click into an active rotation from the Rotations List

  • Click Set required hours

  • Enter the required hours and which students it applies to

  • Click Save

Verifying Hours

If you are a supervisor verifying hours, click on the desired My View in submenu. You will see a dropdown option on the top of your page titled "Hours to Verify." When clicked, you will see a day-by-day breakdown of hours to verify. You may choose to either verify right away, or view the rotation for more details.

When viewing the rotation, you will now be shown a new section labeled Hour Logging. This will show the status of hours logged by the student:

  • Gray - 0 hours logged

  • Yellow - hours logged but awaiting verification

  • Green - hours verified (Green date in the below screenshot is from the above GIF)

You may also verify hours right from this screen by clicking on the colored window. A new menu will open allowing you to verify hours, delete the hours logged entirely, or edit hours, including the number of hours logged.

In addition to verifying hours, you also have the ability to report on hours using Rotation Breakdown - Count hours.

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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