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Staff Password Requirements
Staff Password Requirements

Clinical Site: How to Configure Staff Password Requirements in Security Settings (For Administrators)

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Note: Advanced settings will only be visible/configurable for users with an Administrator (Admin) role in Clinician Nexus.

Topics Covered:

  • Set Up and Edit Security Settings

  • Staff Password Requirements

Set Up and Edit Advanced Settings:

  • Click Settings from your left navigation menu

  • Click Security settings from the left submenu

Staff Password Requirements

Password expires after: Create password expiration rule.

As an example, if you set your password expiration to 90 days, this means staff will be prompted to update their password every 90 days. If left at "0," user passwords will not expire.

Passwords can be reused after: Select the frequency in which the same password can be used over again

As an example, you can set passwords to be reused after 365 days, this means staff will not be allowed to reuse passwords used in the last 365 days. If left empty or set to 0, staff will be allowed to use passwords created in the past at any time.

Idle Timeout: Select the number of minutes an idle, logged in staff member will remain logged in before they'll be automatically logged out.

Staff Password Complexity Requirements:

  • Minimum password character length

  • Minimum number of lowercase characters

  • Minimum number of uppercase characters

  • Minimum number of special characters

  • Minimum number of numeric characters

If your organization does not have a policy for password requirements, we recommend (at minimum) our default setting of:

  • Minimum of six characters

  • Minimum of one upper or lowercase character

  • Minimum of one numeric character

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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