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Advanced Services Setup: Service Naming
Advanced Services Setup: Service Naming

Clinical Site: Limit Service Naming to Improve Reportable Organizational Data

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As a health system or clinical site, there are two ways to set up how services can be named and reported on.

Use Any Service Name

Your organization will default to use this setting. This allows admins and coordinators the ability to add services by any name.


Require Staff to Select From a List of Services You Create

You can set up the list of service names by:

  • Clicking Settings from your left navigation menu

  • Selecting Advanced settings from the submenu

  • Under the Service naming section, add the desired service names in the Allowed service names field

Here, you'll be able to include all the service names that your site offers. This setting can be helpful for reporting totals to help see the big picture of what's happening in each area of your facility and can help avoid duplicate, or overly-specific services, from being created.

Once you've created the list of usable service names, admins and coordinators will see a dropdown list of options for naming their service- example:

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