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Clinical Site: Option Requiring Verification of Application/Onboarding Steps

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Clinical sites have the option to require an application/onboarding step to be verified prior to acceptance. A few uses for this feature include: a staff member reviewing and confirming an uploaded document is the correct/current form, or a text field for test scores meets the minimum requirements. This article will go over how to configure the verification setting.

After reading this article you will be able to...

  • Configure Verification

  • Configure Exceptions

  • Verify or Reject Steps

Configure Verification

  • Click Settings from your left-hand navigation menu

  • From the submenu click the step type you'd like to edit (application/onboarding)

  • Click on an existing step and edit the verification settings:

Selecting Any clinical site coordinator will allow anyone associated with the org/site/service/opportunity window to choose to verify/reject the step.

Configure Exceptions

  • Select whether or not to allow coordinators to waive steps:

Once an application that has a step requiring verification has been submitted, the rotation will move into a Pending application verification status. Those eligible to verify/reject the step will see the following:

Verify or Reject Steps

If rejecting a step, the reason for rejection can be entered and the entire rotation request can either be closed or left open for the step to be re-completed:

Once a step is verified, the updated status will display next to the step:

Once all steps requiring verification have been verified, the rotation will move into Pending clinical site status and the rotation can be accepted, waitlisted or closed:

Additional Note:

If a step is configured to be completed once per student, any steps previously completed and verified will remain verified on subsequent applications.

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