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Clinical Site: Group Rotations
Clinical Site: Group Rotations

Configure, Schedule and Manage Group Rotations

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You can now conveniently configure, schedule, and manage group rotations in one location on Clinician Nexus.

After reading this article you will be able to...

  • Configure Group Rotation Opportunity

  • Schedule Group Rotations

  • Onboard Management

  • Add Students or Faculty On Existing Rotations

  • Remove Students or Faculty From Existing Rotations

Configure Group Rotation Opportunity

  • Click Services from the left navigation menu

  • Then select the service you'd like to add a group rotation

  • Click to +Add opportunity:

When configuring the new opportunity window, indicate whether the rotation should be available for a single student or a group of students. The system will default to single student rotation settings, pictured below:

To allow for group rotations, add the maximum number of students that can be scheduled into each group:

Once this is configured, school or clinical site staff can schedule students on a group rotation, and optionally add a faculty member.

Note for Groups vs Slots: Slots are the number of groups, or individuals if only scheduling single student rotations, allowed for a particular rotation. Group settings are the number of students to fill a slot.

Schedule Group Rotations

The next step for sites, or schools, scheduling group rotations is to select the students who will be on the rotation:

After adding students, set the rotation as a group rotation and optionally name the group, and/or add a faculty member:

Onboard Management

Once the rotation has been scheduled, student (and faculty member) rotations will display in one rotation card:

All student and faculty steps for onboarding will display when you click the card to see details. You can view steps grouped by user or by step:

Add Students or Faculty On Existing Rotations

In a group rotation, students can be added after the rotation is initially scheduled.

  • To add a student or faculty member, click the existing rotation

  • Then select +Add student, or +Add school faculty, at the bottom of the student or faculty list:

  • Then select from the list of eligible students

  • Click Add student:

Remove Students or Faculty From Existing Rotations

To remove students or faculty members from an existing rotation

  • Click the rotation details

  • Then click the red x icon next to the student or faculty member you'd like to remove:

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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