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Elective Rotation Settings

Clinical Site: Set Preferences to Accept or Block Schools for Elective Rotations

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To set organizational preferences for accepting or blocking students from certain schools from applying to elective rotations at your facility:

  • Click Settings from the left navigation menu

  • Then, click Elective rotation settings from the submenu:

From here, set requirements one of two ways:

Block Schools

  • Click the Add button under the Blocked list to search and add schools.

Students from the school(s) on your blocked list will be unable to view or request rotations at your organization and/or any of your child organizations. This will allow eligible students to view and apply to your elective rotations, as long as they do not attend the schools you've added to your blocked list.


Select Specific Schools to Accept Students From

  • Click the Add button under the Allowed list to search for and add such schools

This will allow you to select the individual schools that you'd like to allow students to be able to apply from, exclusively. If you add any schools to this list, only students from these schools will be able to request rotations with your organization.

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