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Clinical Site: Reopening Closed Rotations
Clinical Site: Reopening Closed Rotations

How a Clinical Site Staff Can Reopen a Closed Rotation

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After reading this article you will be able to...

  • Reopen a closed rotation

Rotations can only be reopened by the user who closed the rotation.

Note: If a different user has closed the rotation- you can communicate through the comments section located under the activity section of the rotation request and discuss reopening it.

Find the Rotation to Reopen

  • Click Archived (optionally, use additional search criteria to find the rotation faster):

Reopening the Rotation

  • Click in the rotation

  • Then, click the Reopen rotation button

A window will appear to confirm your intention to reopen the rotation. After you've reopened the rotation, it will return to Onboarding, Ready, or Active status, depending on whether or not the onboarding steps had been completed prior to the rotation closing.

Important note: Rotations move to closed if the start date has passed. If a rotation start date has already passed, once reopened, the rotation will move to active status. This will automatically extend the onboarding deadline for 5 days. This way students/staff can finish any incomplete steps:

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