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School: Reopening Closed Rotations
School: Reopening Closed Rotations

How a School Staff Can Reopen a Closed Rotation

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Rotations can only be reopened by the user who closed the rotation. If the Clinician Nexus system closes a rotation, and the end date of the rotation has not passed, the clinical site has the ability to reopen it.

Note: If a different user has closed the rotation- you can communicate through the comments section located under the activity section of the rotation request and discuss reopening it.

After reading this article you will be able to...

  • Reopen a Rotation You Closed

  • Request to Reopen a Rotation

Reopen a Rotation You Closed

  • Click Rotations from your left menu.

  • On the Rotation list page, click Archived to view completed and closed rotations.

  • Optionally, click +Add filter to select criteria to find the rotation you intend to reopen.

  • Click on the rotation

  • In the rotation details window, click Reopen rotation

  • Then, confirm you intend to reopen the rotation.

  • After you've reopened the rotation, it will return to Onboarding, or Ready status, depending on whether or not onboarding steps were completed prior to the rotation being closed.

Note: Rotations will return to closed if the start date has passed. If the rotation start date has already passed, and you still need to reopen- make sure to adjust the start date to a future date.

Request to Reopen a Rotation

If you are looking to have a rotation reopened, that was closed by someone else, you can communicate with them using the comment box in the rotation window:

  • In the rotation details window, enter your request into the comment box found under the Activity section.

  • Click Add comment.

  • All parties on the rotation will be notified of your comment.

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