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Steps: Set Timeframe for Completion
Steps: Set Timeframe for Completion

Clinical Site: Configure a step to be completed before, during or after a rotation

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In the past, steps could only be configured for a specific timeframe. For example, onboarding steps could only be completed before a rotation began, and offboarding steps could only be accessed after a rotation ended. Now, you can customize steps to be completed at any point before, during, or after the rotation.

In addition, there are now options for what results if a step is not completed in the required timeframe. The step can be configured to close automatically if the deadline is not met, or for staff to manually close the rotation.

A new toggle exists within the rotation to view all steps, even if they are not yet completable. This toggle is available to all parties on the rotation.

Examples of enhancements in action:

  • Application steps- If you require an application a specific number of days before the requested start date, you can add an option for steps to be completed "x" days before the start date.

  • Onboarding steps- If there is currently lead time enforced on any onboarding steps because information is needed a certain number of days before the start date, you can now optionally set the rotation to close automatically if it's not completed in time, and additionally allow for a grace period.

  • Active steps- If there's anything you require to be completed while the rotation is in progress, you can add active steps. This includes any steps you as the site coordinator need to complete during a rotation.

  • Offboarding/Evaluation steps- You can now allow for offboarding/evaluation steps to be viewed/completed prior to the end date of the rotation.

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