When accessing a report, you may be wondering what the codes located in the Attempts column refer to. ACM uses status codes to indicate the outcome of each message sent. Below is a summary of what those status codes mean:

  • [RS] Reminder-Sent. The reminder has been sent out and is awaiting a response

  • [CC] Reminder Confirmed. The reminder has been confirmed by individual.

  • [NA] The voice call was not answered and the system will make a 2nd attempt approximately 45 minutes later. This status may also be used if the call is not answered, is busy, or cannot be “completed as dialed”.

  • [FA] Call Failed status could be the number is not correct or just rang without voicemail option or disconnected.

  • [NAS] No answer short can indicate a call was answered but hung up shortly thereafter. These may be retried.

  • [PU] Picked-up no answer. A person responded by pressing 1 to continue but didn't confirm receipt

  • [LM] Left message. The system left a voicemail message.

  • [NAM] No Answer Machine: This could be due to a voicemail box that is full or that has not been enabled. In this case, the system will make a 2nd attempt approximately 45 minutes later and the status will depend on if the message was delivered or not.

Note: The report obfuscates any personally identifiable data.

  • If you would like to view your report in excel, select all data, copy and then paste into an new excel worksheet.

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