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  1. Priority Send: specify which contacts are reached.

  2. Communication Method: This allows you to override your default organization communication method using one of these communication methods, email voice or text.

  3. Blackout Override: force send messages between 10 pm and 9 am.

Contacts: This allows you to specify which contacts are reached. The default mode is based on Priority but there are several ways you can control how messages are delivered:

  • Priority contacts will follow your organization’s default setting to send messages to family members. By default, Cliniconex sets this to 2 contacts per resident (if available).

  • All contacts will send the message to as many resident family contacts as possible. Only specific excluded contact types (such as Billing contacts) will be ignored.

  • A Specific Role reflects the roles you have configured in your PointClickCare system. This will allow you to specify the contact type you want to send your message to and will reach all the selected contacts who have that role (such as Guardian or POA).

Communication Method

In the Recipients Filter dialogue, there is an Advanced Options area.

Go to Advanced Options > Communication Method and choose one of Email, Voice or Text. This message will only be sent via this method.

Send messages during the blackout period.

In the Recipients Filter popup, there is an Advanced Options tab.

Go to Advanced Option > Send message during blackout period and slide the cursor to Yes.

This selection overrides your organization's Contact Method and will send this message during the Blackout Period. (Blackout period default is 10 pm to 9 am unless your organization has requested a change)

Note: Organization Administrators have this ability and can authorize Facility Administrators in the Roles and Permissions Menu.

Send message during the blackout period: This allows you to send this message during the normal blackout period of 10 pm and 9 am.

Note: This feature is available for Staff and Resident Contact recipients, and only appears if you have the correct permissions. Organization Administrator has permissions.

Message Confirmation

This popup summarizes the changes that were selected in the Advanced Options stage and appears when you press Send. Communication Method appears if you selected something other than the default.

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