Reporting can now be viewed in-app, saving the need to email reports. Advanced filtering and sorting allow users to view message responses or failed attempts, as well as select specific recipients to receive follow-up messages. Analytics visualizes message engagement and responses.

Enhanced Reporting

To view the details of sent messages directly within Automated Care Messaging, simply:

  • Navigate to the Main Menu

  • Select the Sent option

  • Choose the corresponding message

  • Click on the Job Info icon

The results of the message will be visible, like emailed reports. There are several ways to filter and sort responses.


Available in the upper left corner, click on this button to search or add filters based on:

  • Result

  • Responded (by date)

  • Unit

  • Floor

  • Message Type

To remove the filter, simply click the X on the grey filter above the + ADD FILTER button.

You can further sort messages from A-> Z or Z ->A with the drop-down menu above the sent message report.

If a recipient has not yet responded to a poll or question, Message Answer will be left blank until they do.

Sending a follow-up message

This enables you to filter recipients by subgroup (i.e., no response, high rating on referral poll, flu shot clinic attendance), and select individuals you wish to include in a targeted follow-up message.

  • Filter and select your target recipients

  • Click the green Send Message button in the top right corner

  • From the Template dropdown, select the template you need, or

  • Select [New Template] to write a new message

  • Click Next

This will open either the template you selected or a blank message which you can then send to your filtered list who require follow-up messaging.

NOTE: To receive a follow-up message, each recipient must have the box to the left of their name checked. To select all, simply check the top box in the header menu.


See visualizations and charts of responses and engagement to your messages by clicking the Analytics button in the top right corner of Job Info.

Recipient Engagement provides a visual breakdown of how many recipients have responded to your message and how many have not.

Recipient Responses displays the distribution of responses across polls, surveys and multiple-choice questions, helping to identify trends and patterns.

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