2023 Release Notes

Here is where you'll find all the latest updates and upgrades we've made to Automated Care Messaging.

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November 2023

2023.ACM.06 Recurring Messages

New Feature: Users can schedule a message to be sent on a recurring basis.

Who Benefits: All admins and users with access to Message Options. Set it and forget it with a recurring message. Rather than manually sending the same content, schedule a message to send on multiple occasions or indefinitely on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

October 2023

2023.ACM.05 Message Assistant

New Feature: Users can leverage AI by writing key points or a rough draft of a message. Then use the prompt buttons or add further instructions to improve content.

Who Benefits: All admins and users. The pressures of writing a well-crafted message are removed as AI does the writing for you. Users can continue to make improvements to messages or return to a previous version.

August 2023

2023.ACM.04 Moderated Messages

New Feature: Role permissions will enable Admins to review messages written by users before they are sent to resident family or staff contacts.

Who Benefits: Administrators. Admins can create workflows to either assign users a review required status, requiring an admin to approve the message before it is sent, or, a reviewer status who can approve, edit or reject a message. This feature enables an organization to add more users to ACM while maintaining control over content and messaging.

2023.ACM.04 Message Exchange

New Feature: Send a message and request a response back. A dialogue thread is created allowing the sender and receiver to have sustained conversation until the original sender has determined the dialogue is over.

Who Benefits: All admins and users. Senders can request additional information without having to phone or email message recipients. By maintaining control over the length of the back-and-forth dialogue and overall topic, users can limit the access of the resident family member to the care team to specific topics.

May 2023

2023.ACM.03 Scheduled Messages

New Feature: Cliniconex has created Scheduled Messages as a feature enhancement that will give users the ability to schedule a job. There are several options for scheduling:

  1. Timelapse (set number of days (or hours) in the future)

  2. Set a specific date and time.

Who Benefits: All admins and users. Rather than send ad-hoc messages, or remember to send time-specific notifications, users can schedule jobs to send messages when it is relevant to the situation or audience (e.g., birthdays, monthly newsletters, incremental discharge wellness check-ins, etc.)

March 2023

2023.ACM.02 SMS Text Consent

New Feature: Cliniconex has enabled a solution within Automated Care Messaging to collect recipient consent using an automated telephone message. This will be a two-step process that will first ask recipients to consent to receive SMS text messages over the telephone. Once granted, there will be a follow-up SMS text message asking the recipient for confirmation of consent.

This consent is only required once. If refused, future messages will be sent by telephone. Consent via SMS text message can be refused at any time.

Who Benefits: All users new to ACM as of January 2023.

March 2023

2023.ACM.01 Template Categories

New Feature: An updated Template Library makes it easier for users to select and import default templates to their organizations and facilities. The new Template Category feature will enable users to organize and group their templates by topic or use case, adding and removing templates as they see fit.

Who Benefits: All users. Grouping templates by categories allows users to not only find and manage their templates, but it also provides a cleaner experience. Furthermore, users can now choose from a variety of templates to automatically import to their organization’s library, removing the need to copy and paste templates from the Help Center.

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