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Add employee expenses to your financial forecasting

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The Headcount Planner is a tool to help you forecast your financials based on updates in employee headcount. This can be for full time employees as well as contractors and is located on the Navigation Menu on the left side of Clockwork.

Upon entering the Headcount Planner, you'll see a nice chart of your headcount, or employee expense. You're be able to select both the historical and forecast date ranges on the upper right and when you hover your mouse over the chart, you can see the actual numbers represented in the chart.

As you scroll down, you'll see 4 options to add/modify your headcount, and drilling into each of these will allow you to modify each:

  1. Payroll Settings (pay period, default pay raise, payroll expense account, titles, payroll tax rate, and payroll tax expense account)

  2. Benefits (add benefits like health insurance or 401K as monthly $ amounts or % of base pay)

  3. Payroll Integration (available in the Ultimate Plan only, this will take you into your settings where Clockwork uses Finch to integrate with 25+ payroll providers )

  4. + Add Headcount (allows you to add one or multiple employees at current or existing job titles, their time of employement, and their pay [salary] amount)

Adding headcount and benefits into the Headcount Planner will directly feed into your forecasts.

Need additional help? Reach out to our support chat in the bottom right of your screen any time you have questions!

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