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Understanding your Gocardless Payout Report
Understanding your Gocardless Payout Report

Your payout report shows you exactly the value of expected payments from Gocardless & when you'll receive those funds in your bank account.

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How do I view the Payout report?

Click on the Payments menu item at the top of your website and click on the Payouts button in the top right of the page. 

What does this report tell me? 

By default, you will receive a payout for funds collected on your behalf as soon as they are available to do so. So, if you have payments being collected daily, you will be receiving daily payouts from Gocardless. These payouts are the lump sum of all payments collected since the previous payout. 

This report shows  you the following details: 

  • Remittance Date: This is the date the funds are due to be deposited to your bank account

  • Payment Reference: This is the Gocardless reference for this payment

  • Amount Paid out: The sum of all payments included and due to you in the payout

  • Fees Paid to Provider: This shows you the fees that are due for processing the payments included in the payout. 

Note: You can log into your Gocardless account directly for more detailed breakdown of payments included in each payout. 

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