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How a Member Updates Their Credit Card
How a Member Updates Their Credit Card

This article will demonstrate the process for updating a member's credit card.

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There are two ways to update a member's credit card in Clubworx. The first way is to do it manually by going to the member's profile page and clicking the Add Credit Card button in their Wallet.

For this article, we will focus on the second way to update a member's credit card and that is by using a Waiver. In order to use this method, you will need to have Stripe or EziDebit as your integrated payment processor. 

Step 1. Create the Waiver

Create a "New Member" waiver and hide all unnecessary sections. For example, you will want to hide the Membership Options section and any others you don't need. Be sure to show the Payment Authority section. 

Step 2. Send the Waiver to the Member

In this step you will send the waiver directly to the member from within their profile page. To do this, go to the member's profile page and click their Waivers tab.

Then click Sign New Waiver and choose the credit card update waiver you created from the dropdown. Click Send Link to Member and then the Send Email button. 

This will deliver an email to the member inviting them to sign the waiver. Once the member enters their credit card information into the waiver and submits it, their account will be automatically updated. 

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