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How do I connect Codio to Canvas?
How do I connect Codio to Canvas?

Integrating Codio course/unit with Canvas.

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In Codio:

  • Create a Course.

  • Add a Module unit to the course.

  • Select the Admin tab and click on the blue Edit Details button at the bottom.

  • Select the ENABLE LTI option.

  • Click Save.

  • (Optional but recommended) Switch back to your LMS and make sure you are on the Home page of the course. Copy the URL in the address bar of your browser and paste it into the Course LMS URL field in the Codio.

  • The Course LMS URL is used to map the LMS course to the Codio course. It ensures that Codio knows where and how to redirect students back to the correct course in Canvas because they must begin all their assignments in Canvas.

In Canvas:

  • Go to the Courses section -> Add Course.

  • Enter the Course name then Click on "Create Course".

  • Go to the Course -> Settings -> Apps Tab then search for Codio then Click on "Add App".

By clicking on "Add app" you will add an external tool (Codio) into canvas.
  • Enter the Consumer Key and Secret Key.

Enter consumer and secret key to set up external tool (Codio) into canvas.
  • Copy Consumer and Secret key from Codio, go to your organization account settings by clicking on your user name in the bottom left of your dashboard and then select your organization within My Organizations then select LTI Integrations tab where you will get the keys under LTI 1.0 INTEGRATION (you should use LTI 1.0 Integration not LTI 1.3 Integration).

You will find all the details under "LTI Integrations" tab to setting up LTI integration with any LMS.
  • Click on "Add App".

  • To create assignment, go to Course -> Assignment -> Add Assignment.

  • Enter the Assignment name, Select submission type to External Tool.

  • Click on "Find" under "Enter or find an External Tool URL" and select the assignment.

  • Click on "Save & Publish".

Select Submission Type as External Tool, click on Find button and select the assignment from Codio which you want to add in Canvas course.

Mapping Codio units to Canvas unit/assignment:

  • Go to your Canvas Course then Pages -> Add page to add a new page.

  • Give a name then click on the Codio icon.

By clicking on the Codio icon a list of courses/assignments will be shown and you can select the assignment(s) you wish to add to Canvas.
  • A list of the Codio course contents will be shown, simply select the unit(s)/assignments you wish to add to Canvas and Save.

  • You need to publish the assignment/unit to make it accessible/visible to the students.

Note: The Canvas user who carries out these steps must be a system administrator.
To see how to copy existing Codio content in Canvas see this article

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