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How do I easily create a copy of my Canvas course that uses Codio?
How do I easily create a copy of my Canvas course that uses Codio?

Cloning a Codio course in Canvas to use in new course for future semesters?

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We assume you have already integrated Codio with Canvas, if not then refer to this article.

Steps to copy or fork the Course in Canvas:

  • In Codio, first enable the LTI Constant URLs and Enable LTI Course Copy button in Codio Course then save the changes.

Constant URL's allows the transfer of learning content without modifying LTI links. "Enable LTI Course Copy" allow you to copy existing course content used in your LMS.
  • In Canvas, go to the Course -> Settings then click on the "Copy the Course" link.

This option will create a copy of Course in Canvas.
  • You may change the Course name as your wish then click on "Create Course".

  • Then go to Course -> settings -> Apps tab, click on "View App Configurations".

  • Click on setting icon beside Codio then click on Edit.

  • Change the "codio_course_target_id" with any other arbitrary value in the custom field.

Setting "codio_course_target_id" to any arbitary value, this will create a new course in Codio with the existing content.
  •  Also make sure that "codio_course_parent_id" is present inside custom field. You will get the "codio_course_parent_id" inside Codio, go to Courses -> Admin tab and find the parent_id just below the "ENABLE LTI COURSE COPY" button.

Copy the parent_id and paste into the custom field of canvas course.
  • Then click on the Submit button.

  • In Canvas, Go to the new Course -> Assignments, click on the new created assignment. It will open the assignment in Codio and create the new course in Codio containing the content from your original Codio course.

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