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A Guide to the Site Map

Adding your project - specific site map to the project account allows all stakeholders to view and make real - time updates.

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Admin, Collaborators and Inspectors have the ability to interact with a project’s temporary erosion control (SWPPP, SWMP, SWP3) site map. They may access the project’s profile, select the page in question and use the built-in tools to indicate the current location of temporary or permanent controls, installation dates, removal dates and stabilization dates. 

The Viewer role is not able to make any changes to the site maps. They can view the changes made by others.

The site map files must be .jpeg or .png files. Many PDF programs allow users to save PDF files as photo files. If needed, there are many free online tools to convert PDF to image files, such as this one here.

TIP: We recommend using a larger screen (PC, laptop, large tablet) to perform any Site Map updates. It may be difficult to use smaller screens to view or update your site map.


  1. Log in to your Comply26 account. 

  2. Select the ‘Site Maps’ tab.

  3. Select 'Add New'

  4. Using your File Explorer, navigate to the photo you wish to add to the profile and select ‘Open’. You may select and add multiple files simultaneously, or one at a time.

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