The Work Order tool allows the Operator to create new work orders regarding stormwater pollution prevention measures. Similarly, the Comply26 system automatically creates Work Orders for the Permittee if maintenance or a corrective action is identified on an inspection report. 

The Viewer is not able to create new or update existing Work Orders.


  1. Go to the Project's Profile.

  2. Select the 'Work Orders' tab.

  3. Select 'Create New'

  4. Add the Due Date and Site Contact.

  5. If applicable, indicate if the work order is to resolve a corrective action. 

  6. In the Action Items table, enter the best management practices/controls, action to perform, location and quantities. 

  7. To add additional parent items (e.g. new tasks), select ‘+Add New Item’

  8. To add a child item, select the ‘+’ symbol on the corresponding parent row. 

  9. To remove a parent or child item, select the ‘’- icon on the corresponding parent row.

  10. When complete, select ‘Save’. 


  1. Select the ‘Work Orders’ Menu option on the Dashboard.

  2. Locate the Open work order using the search field or navigation tools and select ‘View’.

  3. Select ‘Edit’ at the bottom of the work order.

  4. To close an item, select the ‘Completed?’ checkbox above the row and enter the Date Completed.

  5. Select ‘Save Final’ if all items are complete.

  6. Select ‘Save Draft’ if one or more work order items is open.

  7. Download the Work Order by selecting ‘PDF’ or email the Work Order by selecting ‘Share’.

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