Comply26 scans each project's nearest weather station daily based on the GPS coordinates for each active project to determine if a precipitation event has occurred in the area. The system will send various notifications if a triggering event has occurred based on the minimum chance of precipitation (%) and precipitation amount (inches) provided for each project.

For each project assigned to a Reviewer or Inspector, they may receive one of the following notifications: 

Weekly Forecast: Generated at the beginning of each work week, this notice provides a seven – day forecast outlining the chance of precipitation and possible precipitation amount at each site. This is a future looking, informational notice. 

Forecasted Precipitation Events: Lists the projects assigned to the Inspector which meet the minimum alert notifications: precipitation amount or chance of precipitation. This is a future looking, informational notice.

Precipitation Event Notice: Lists any projects which the nearest weather station data meets or exceeds the alert parameters set for each project. For example, if the minimum precipitation amount for Project A is 0.15 inches, the recipients will be alerted when the nearest proxy station receives ≥ 0.15 inches precipitation.


To modify the minimum weather alert parameters you must change the minimums for the project in question: 

  1. Select the 'Project Details' tab.

  2. Select ‘Edit’ at the bottom of the page. 

  3. Update the Precipitation Alert Minimum (%) and/or the Precipitation Event Minimum (Inches).

  4. Select ‘Update’.

NOTE: Lower values will result in more frequent notifications and alerts. Higher values will result in fewer alerts. 

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