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Batch (mass) import user and administrator accounts
Batch (mass) import user and administrator accounts

Learn how to add multiple users or administrators in Conover Online at one time.

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The batch import feature enables you to create multiple user or administrator accounts quickly and automatically via a CSV file (similar to spreadsheet file) or by using Google Classroom instead of needing to manually create user or administrator accounts one at a time.

To import accounts, select Create Account.

From the Create account screen, select Use Batch Import.

This is the batch import screen where you can choose from Import from CSV or Google Classroom.

Below we cover in detail how to Import from a CSV or Google Classroom. Select the title to expand the contents.

Batch Import using a CSV File

When you select Import from CSV, you will be shown information on how to create your CSV file. We show you a sample on the screen, allow you do download a sample file and give you a video on how to create the file in Microsoft Excel.

Once you have your file ready, select Continue.

Next, you will upload your CSV file. You can drag and drop it or use the select manually link to use a file picker to choose your file.

Once selected, you will get a few extra options to choose from.

Account Type. You can choose from Users or Administrators. Only System Administrator accounts will get this option.

Send Welcome Email. There is an option to send each account a welcome email after it is created. You need to have this feature enabled in order to use it.

Preset Assignment. You can also select a preset assignment to automatically apply to your users when they are imported.

When you are ready to continue, select Continue.

Next, you will need to match up the columns in your spreadsheet with the option in Conover Online. Click the arrow to view the drop-down list of the available options.

The Password, Group and Tag fields are optional. Only System Administrators can use the Group option.

You will need to choose First/Last Name or Full Name and Email are the only required fields to create an account.

Once you have the fields mapped, select Continue.

You will be presented with a few options based on your fields.

If you did not supply a password, you will be able to enter one that will be applied to all of these accounts

You will have the option to force the new account to create a new password the first time they login.

If you do not have a Groups field, you will be given the option to choose a group.

If you did not have a Tag field, you will be given the option to add existing tags to the accounts.

Select Continue when you are ready.

The system will check to see if there is any bad data in your spreadsheet or existing accounts.

If there is bad data, those accounts will be skipped. You would need to fix your file and start this process again to include the bad accounts in the import.

If some of your accounts already exists, you will get a few options to update the password, group and tags.

When ready, select Continue.

Next you will be shown a verification screen. Verify the data is correct. Its much easier to fix the data now than editing a lot of accounts after the accounts are imported.

At the bottom of the screen you will have options to skip this verification process or move onto the next set of accounts to verify. We only show 100 accounts at a time

When you are ready to import, select Import Accounts. Your accounts will be imported behind the scenes. You will be notified by email when the import process is finished.

Batch import using Google Classroom

To import from Google Classroom, you need to give Conover Online access to your Google Classroom.

In order for this to work, your email address in Conover Online must match the email address you use to access Google Classroom. Here is how you can change your email address in Conover Online.

Make sure you allow Conover Online access to your Google account.

Once verified, you will be able to import from Google Classroom.

First Pick your classes you want to import. The classes you have access to will appear in this list.

Select the group in Conover Online where you want to import the users.

Enter a default password for your users. This is just a backup in case your users have issues signing in using Google Sign-in.

You can also add tags to your users.

Select Continue to begin the import process.

You will see a list of all the accounts that will be imported.

Scroll to the bottom and select Import to import your users. The accounts will be imported in the background. You will be emailed when the users have been imported.

Having an issue importing with Google Classrooms? Try these steps to resolve it:

  1. Make sure your email address in Conover Online matches the email address you log into Google Classroom with. This can be change via the Your Account link in Conover Online

  2. If you are still having issues with the integrations you can try the steps in this video:

  3. If all else fails, you can export your users in Google Classroom as a CSV and import using that file:

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