Keeping records of user data is fundamental to Conover Online so administrators and system administrators can view user data to see user performance and growth. Some types of organizations that use Conover Online are required by law to keep user data for a certain amount of time (for example a Special Education program in a school might be required by a state to keep student data for 7 years after the student graduates).

To prevent an administrator or system administrator from accidentally deleting user accounts and user data, an account must be archived first before it can be deleted. Note that a system administration also has the ability to archive and/or delete administrator accounts as well.

Archiving an account accomplishes the following:

  • Makes the account inactive (i.e. the person's account that has been archived cannot sign into their Conover Online account and use it)

  • Makes the account not appear in the active list of accounts and reports to help separate active and inactive accounts and data

  • If an assignment was made using the manual assignment option or before January 3, 2022 using our previous product bundle model and the assignment was never started, those credits will automatically be returned. Our current product subscription model is non-refundable and credits for not started assignments will not be automatically returned although you can contact our Support team to review an account and see if it qualifies for an exception).

Special notes about archived accounts:

  • When archived, an account's data is still saved in the Conover Online platform

  • You can unarchive an account anytime (Unarchive an archived account)

Watch the tutorial video below to archive and/or delete an account:

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