Mass (batch) assign

Learn how to make the same assignment to multiple users at same time.

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The mass assign feature enables the assignment of any product or a combination of products to multiple users at one time which is more efficient than making the same assignment for users one at a time.

IMPORTANT: Mass assign will only work on user accounts that have not been assigned the product(s) before. Conover Online does have safety features built into the mass assign feature to prevent making double assignments or accidentally overwriting an existing assignment.

For example:

If you are mass assigning the Workplace Readiness program to a group of users and one of the user's already has had Workplace Readiness previously assigned to them, Conover Online will automatically NOT assign Workplace Readiness the second time via the mass assign feature so 1) credits are not used to assign a program that the user already has already been assigned and 2) the user's progress and data from the initial Workplace Readiness assignment are not overwritten and lost.

Also, mass assign will not reassign any completed unit or program. Reassignment will still have to be done manually (how to reassign). You can enable a setting so your organization can reassign completed units or programs and to do so please contact our Support team.

Watch the tutorial video below for mass assign:

Watch the video below for how to make a custom mass assignment. If you wish to use a Preset Assignment with mass assign learn how to use a preset assignment.

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