A group is a collection of users that is associated with one or more administrators.

Groups are used to restrict which users an administrator can view and make changes to in Conover Online. An administrator can only access users who are in groups that that administrator has been associated with. Administrators can be associated with multiple groups. Users can only be associated with one group.

NOTE: Only system administrators can create groups and change which administrators can have access to certain groups.

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Example of how groups are used:

Groups can be created for any entity (such as the name of a school, a building, a classroom, an office, a department, etc.) that needs to share users within that group.

Below is an example of how a school district might organize their account with groups:

In the above example, system administrator Cheryl Williams decided to create a group for each school in the district. Each user (student) added to Conover Online is assigned to a group and in this case the user is assigned a group according to the school they attend. Any teachers (called "administrators" in Conover Online) are then assigned a group(s) that they are allowed to access.

In this example, John Smith, Leroy Anderson and Alice Walker are associated with the group "North High School" and can only access users (students) who are in the group North High School (i.e. they cannot access users in the groups "East High School" or "South Middle School" because they are not associated with those groups and in this case this is desired because there is not a reason for them to need to access student at those others schools).

Below is an illustration of how a small school district or an individual school might set up their account:

Manage groups:

Change the group for one or more users:

Give an administrator access to multiple groups:

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