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Stargazer Wallet: Restoring V1.3 Accounts
Stargazer Wallet: Restoring V1.3 Accounts

How to restore your V1.3 Account on the Stargazer Wallet

Written by Duc Trung Luu
Updated over a week ago

Accounts created prior to the release of Stargazer v2.1 in August 2021 had a different seeding mechanism that allowed for multiple accounts under a single wallet and seed phrase. With the introduction of multi-chain wallets in v2.1 the seeding mechanism changed to allow a single seed phrase to generate both Constellation and Ethereum chain private keys at the same time. Each multi-chain wallet now has it’s own seed phrase, even if you have multiple wallets in your Stargazer install.

During the upgrade process your main wallet account would have been upgraded to a multi-chain wallet. If you had more than one account in your wallet, all accounts after the first account were changed to DAG only wallets with a private key.

If you lose access to any of these private key wallets but still have your main account seed phrase - we can recover those other accounts! Follow the steps below.

  1. We’re going to install version 1.3 of Stargazer in Chrome and then use that to access the old accounts. Download version 1.3 below and unzip the file into a directory named “chrome”. You can also download v1.3 from here if you prefer.

  2. Open your Chrome or Brave browser and click the puzzle piece menu, then click “manage extensions”.

  3. Now click to enable “Developer mode” in the upper right.

  4. Now click “Load Unpacked” in the upper left.

  5. Select the “chrome” directory that we unzipped earlier and then click “select”.

  6. You now have Stargazer v1.3 installed alongside your current version. There’s no issue having both installed at the same time. Now open v1.3 and restore your account using your seed phrase.

  7. Your seed phrase will restore your main account but you still won’t see any secondary accounts. In v1.3 all secondary accounts were created in the same order relative to the seed phrase. This means that we just need to add some new accounts to recover the old accounts! Add the number of accounts that you had previously. You should have access to your DAG immediately after adding the accounts.

  8. You should now have access to your old accounts and should think about how you want to transfer your DAG over to the latest version of Stargazer. You have two primary options:

    • You can export your private key for each account from v1.3 and import those into the latest Stargazer version as DAG only wallets or…

    • You can create a new multi-chain wallet in the latest Stargazer for each account and send the DAG to the new multi-chain wallet. This is the recommended method because you will now have a seed phrase for each of your wallets that you can store securely.

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