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Getting Started

Learn the essentials for setting your organization up for success

Integrated Payment Providers

Learn more about integrating a payment provider into your organization

Court & Ball Machine Management

Learn more about managing courts and bookable resources inside of CourtReserve


Learn how to setup your membership tiers and booking rules


Learn more about booking reservations and managing them effectively

Lessons and Instructors

Learn more about offering lessons and efficiently managing instructors


Learn more about managing your programming with events inside CourtReserve

Enhanced Play

Learn more on creating leagues and organized play events


Learn the different ways to communicate with your players and system users

Member Management

Learn all about Families, Members, and Memberships

Member Portal

Learn how to create a customized member portal for your website

Player Resources

Resources we have created specifically for players (non system users)

Admin Functions

Learn more about what admins can do inside CourtReserve


Utilize reporting tools to collect and analyze data generated within your organization

Financials & Transactions

Learn how to process payments and gather financial information in your organization

Add Ons (Additional Features)

Enable CourtReserve's premium features to improve the experiences of members and system users


Integrate with DUPR or RemoteLock to expand capabilities in CourtReserve

Spanish Articles

Para preguntas frecuentes, o configuración general, se puede encontrar nuestros artículos en español aquí.

Pickleball Facility Setup

Utilize this seven-part module series to optimize your pickleball facility for peak performance