First, go to Settings > Organizational Settings > General

From here, you'll be able to enter the basic information about your club such as:

  • Organization Name and Address.

  • The date format for your schedulers, ie: MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY

  • Currency Format

  • Your current timezone.

If you scroll down, you'll see these settings:

  • Reservation Min Interval - this is the internal that will show up on your schedulers.
    For example, if you set it to 90 min, then your scheduler would show up like this:

  • Do not allow conflicting reservations or events: You would check this box if you didn't want any kind of conflicting reservations or events to be created in your CourtReserve system.

  • Allow Multiple Reservations on Same Scheduler Slot: An example of this would be if you wanted to schedule 2 private lessons on 1 court at the same time.

  • Disable Members Tracking: You would check this setting if you do not want to track specific member info when booking courts.

  • Member Email Optional: Check this if you don't want your members to be required to have an email. ┬áThis will allow you to track member reservations, but WILL NOT allow them to book online. ┬áThis would be only if you are managing all reservations from the front desk.

  • Reservation List X Number of Days: This setting will control the # of days out you want to see Reservations on the Reservations List.

If you continue scrolling you'll see:

  • Show Events/Reservations Notes on Schedulers: you would check this is you wanted to be able to see the notes for events/reservations from the scheduler view.

Now, when you go into create or edit an event or reservation, you can enter notes:

And the notes for that particular event or reservation would appear in the scheduler like so:

  • Defaults Membership on Member Create: This is an important feature to mention as it determines the type of membership new users will receive once they create their account at your club.

If a membership type is selected from the drop-down menu (not left blank), then when members create their accounts from the CourtReserve Mobile App, they will automatically be assigned the pre-selected membership indicated in this field.

NOTE: it is important to note that this setting for 'Default Membership on Member Create' applies when members create their profiles from the CourtReserve Mobile App.

If they were to create their accounts from the Desktop version, after entering their user information, they would be prompted to select a membership type if the admin of the club has not selected a default membership for new users.

If you go to Settings > Member Settings > Memberships you will see the 'name' of the Memberships that have been created at your club.

If you look at 'Default' you can indicate what membership type you would like new users to be auto-assigned once they create an account at your club.

If no membership type is selected under 'Default,' new users would be prompted to choose one of the membership options listed before having access to book courts or register for events at your club.

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