Here is where you will setup the following:

  • Organization Name and Address.
  • The date format for your schedulers, ie: MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY
  • Your current timezone.
  • Reservation Min Interval - this is the internal that will show up on your schedulers.
    For example, if you set it to 90 min, then your scheduler would show up like this:
  • Disable Members Tracking: You would check this setting if you do not want to track specific member info when booking courts.
  • Use Organizers on Reservations: You would check this setting if you want to be able to assign organizers to reservations.
  • Member email optional: Check this if you don't want your members to be required to have an email.  This will allow you to track member reservations, but WILL NOT allow them to book online.  This would be only if you are managing all reservations from the front desk.
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