This article explains how to setup a membership at the individual level.  If you are interested in how to setup family memberships, click here.

  1. Click "Memberships" under the MEMBERS menu.
  2. Click "Create New"
  3. Give your Membership Tier a name, ex: "Individual Clay Court Member"
  4. Setup you Membership Settings and Booking Rules.


Next you want to set it up.  Click the "Edit" button to enter in the details.

Name - This is the name of the membership.
Description - A detailed description of the membership tier.
Is Active - If unchecked, this membership is not available.
Is Public - Set if you want to allow this membership to be selected in the Public Portal.
Allowed For Families: This has to be checked to allow this membership to be use as a Family Membership only.
Requires Fee: Check if this membership needs to be charged for.
X Days Past Due to Suspend Account: This determines the grace period you will give paid memberships before you suspend their account for non-payment.
A Member Reservation through the Portal must be Approved: Check this if you want all online bookings for this family to be approved by an admin.
Allow Members to Book Resources: Check this if you want members in this family to be able to book Resources online.

Set your Booking Rules

  • Days in advance a court can be booked by this membership
  • # of Courts this membership is Allowed to Reserve Per day
  • Hours before Reservation can be cancelled without Penalty
  • Remove ability to book after X Penalty cancellations
  • Prevent Family member from cancelling a reservation within X Hours.
  • Message to show Member if outside Cancellation window.

Set Allow Reservation Types

  • Specify any reservation types you want to setup for this Family Membership.

Set up Court Courts

This is where you specify which courts are allow to be booked for this membership.  Also set all pricing (either hourly or fixed).

Set up Court Cost Customizations

This is where you can setup for example a PRIME time booking cost for this membership type:

To see how you would take two individuals and create them into a FAMILY CLICK HERE to watch this video

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