Custom Ratings set up you can CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Create Rating Category:

You can also update a pre-existing category by clicking on the EDIT (pencil) icon next to the specific rating:

If you want this Custom Rating to be used for creating Member Groups make sure you check boxes for Members Portal:

You will need to go through and create the levels of the rating.

Now when you create EVENTS that you need restricted based on a Custom Rating you can add that on each EVENT

SETTINGS – EVENT- NEW EVENT scroll to the bottom and click the REGISTRATION RESTRICTIONS tab.

If you do not see the Ratings Category show up it means you did not create the individual levels on the Custom Rating (for example 2.5 or 3.0)

Custom Ratings are also great for creating GROUPS –

Create groups around Custom Ratings and you can use these groups to email and also to display on the Member Portal.

EMAIL MEMBERS by GROUPS (made up of Custom Ratings)


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