Combo Courts
This article discusses how to setup Combo Courts in your CourtReserve system.
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How Combo Courts Work

Combo Courts is a way to 'split' a court for multi-purpose use.

To do this:

  • Create your court and your two other courts for a total of three courts

  • Add your two other courts to the combo court(s) section for your tennis court

  • This will allow the system to automatically check the Combo Courts when any combination of these courts are booked.

NOTE: Once Combo Courts are setup in your CourtReserve 'Courts,' you'll see the 'lock' icon in the top righthand corner of reservations.

The 'lock' icon on the reservation box, indicates that the court is currently being used as a Combo Court.

Example: If the Pickleball court has the lock, it means the tennis side is being reserved.

How to Setup Combo Courts


2. Select 'Create Courts' or 'Edit' a preexisting court

3. Once under 'Create Court' or 'Edit Court,' you will be able to assign the Combo Courts:

4. If you scroll down to the bottom, you'll see 'Combo Courts'

5. Click on the 'Combo Courts' field to be able to select the courts you would like be apart of this combo court (ex. Court #1, Court #2)

6. Once you have selected the desired courts to 'pair,' it will look like this:

7. Now just 'Save Changes' and your new Combo Courts have been set up!

*** CLICK HERE to view our tutorial vide on how to setup Combo Courts ***

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